Workshop | Alignment

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Workshop | Alignment


This training is a part of the Teacher Training of Dorinda from Yogasite and we are proud to welcome her back to our studio and this time with such a valuable workshop like this!

The training is certainly very valuable for yoga teachers, or if your are interested in following a Teacher Training and want to get a taste of it, this is a perfect training!
But also for students who want to go a little deeper and want to know more about the poses. So if you are open to deepen your practice, then this training is for everyone even if you do not necessarily want to become a yogateacher.

We will be diving deep into the poses. Alignment of the pose is important to get the best energy flow in the body, this energy flow is what makes you strong. When we clear out the blockages we come into balance and acceptance.
Safe supportive touch can bring us deeper into our poses. When trust is there surrendering can happen. When we make adjustments with love and respect, the connections are so powerful. Our intentions and energy have a huge effect on others. Let Dorinda show you how to protect yourself (energetically) while supporting others in this beautiful practice.
It will be hands on with each other feeling, exploring the poses and lots of fun!



Wanna join?

(Yoga experience is required for this training and will be English spoken)
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